Enrollment & Tuition

2020-2021 Registration Materials

Annual Forms

 2020-2021 Tuition Rates

  St. Francis Xavier
  Grade Level
Parish Member
Annual Tuition
Annual Tuition
Early Payment
  PK3, three day a.m.
$1,680 $1,680 $34
  K4, five half day
$2,240 $2,240 $45
$2,240 $4,310 $45
  Grades 1-4


$5,650 $72
  Middle School
  Grade 5
$3,580 $5,650 $72
  Middle School
  Grades 6-8
$4,680 $6,990 $94
  High School
  Grade 9
$7,180* $9,820* $144
  High School
  Grades 10-12
$7,280* $9,930* $146


The Xavier tuition listed above covers up to 8.5 credits. Summer School  classes will have a separate fee and would be payable at the time of registration. There are additional charges for dual credit college courses.

Other Student Fees

  Type   Grade 4-8   Grade 9-12
  Band                   $110.00          $110.00
  Orchestra                       $110.00    $110.00
  Chorus   N/A   $55.00
  Athletic   $110 flat fee for all sports               $160 per sport            


Financial Responsibility
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System recognizes the individual who registered the student and signed the Financial Responsibility Form as the financially responsible party unless another individual assumes financial responsibility for the student via written notice.  One individual or one married couple must be identified as the responsible party for each student.

Summary of Billing Policies & Practices
Please review these policies prior to submitting registration materials.  Questions/comments can be directed to Tom Candell, Vice President of Finance and Administration at tcandell@xaviercatholicschools.org or (920) 735-9380.

Please note that additional fees may be charged throughout the year for participation in specific classes or school-sponsored activities.